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70 forks on 50

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I was wondering if anyone has ever put xr70 forks on a 50. I have heard that they will fit . I need to know of an mods I will need to make for it to work.
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bracket to mount front 50 fender, grind down the brake tab on the fork leg. weld a mount to leg for brake cable, and maybe some other things
give bbr a call they have a upgrade kit for your forks and heavier springs.
yes...i am wanting to do this also...i have a lead on some cheap 70 forks and i was wondering what all i have to do to make them work..they come complete with clamps forks axel..etc....i want to get the forks then order heavier springs and a top bbr triple clamp...will this work??? and what all will i have to do?????

thanks alot
Just have to make a mount for the brake cable on these forks so they work on a 50. How does the cable on a 70 stay put without a clamp??
on the stock 70 forks it has a cable guide but no part for the threaded piece on the cable to go into like on stock 50 forks. Instead that part is located on the 70 hub, so that is why you need to add one if your using a 50 hub or one for a 50
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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