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65 ft ramp gap on a 50!!!

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this is all i can say uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

then piss my pants
he ate s*** for sure. hes all tweaked out in the air.
thats 65ft thats, thats pretty much the standard gap for big bike FMX
well there is a 65ft table at my local track and it doesn't seem

that long
na just a double i have done a 40 ft table and it would look way bigger as double i think if that jump was a table it wouldnt' look so gnarly cuz u can go and cum up short and gain confidence to do it.

i have to give this guy props cuz u cant really hit it and come up short and live. U can on a table just take a lil rattle but then u kno how fast u need to go. then hit it.

with this guy it is hit it with a speed u hoping isn't to fast or to slow. I can only guess what he is thinking in the air but i think u have a certain amount of curse words ure allowed to say on a post ( if it is under 997 words i cant post it) im not sure but i dont wanna get in trouble.

but this is what it would look like with censors

**** *** **** ***** mother ****** did i tighten that ******* bolt, i ******* hope im ********* enough to clear this OUCH
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that pic looks so fake look at the rider compered to the dude standing farther away the rider and the bike looks way out of proportion compared to the surroundings. just me opinion but if it is real than thats pretty good. it looks more like 80 feet to me
who says it's a adult or a full sized ones, ive seen sum pretty balzy midgets on fifties
well its not bryce or eagle so
Im not calling it out, but look at the way the landing ramp is angled, then look at how he is angled. Thats one might big whip for doing a 65ft gap. Im not saying its fake, but im doubting it...
it has to be the other bryce wait i am the other bryce,

JK thats not my style i prefir speed scrubbing not quite like bubba(no not like rc bubba) but keeping the speed and skimming them lips
shift make this a poll... Fake or Not
i dk those ausie's r pretty nuts on fifties
ok irt might be real becuase on the other board thaey said the footage would be on tv
ok i want to see that one
ya does anyone live in alstralia cuase thats were it going to be on tv
Im not saying it can't be done because I know it can be but he looks way out of porportion to everything else in the picture. So lets see this footage and than I'll give some props.
but how sik does it look
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