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I have some things i didnt get rid of yet like SDG +2 frame ( with some welds to make stronger), SDG tall gripper Seat, Gas Tank, SDG T3minis 38t black sproket, GPX wiring (everything), Skid plate. If someone wants I will leave me rear rim together and sell the rim, sprocket, disk, and brake setup.(its got alot of sractches on it put it came from SDG painted black so it can be painted again). PLZ offers plz. I wont be able to get pics for a little while so if you could just buy that would own. This stuff will go for cheap just need to get rid and get a couple dallors out of it.

For those of you that dont' like to read

Here is a list of the parts I am Selling:

SDG +2 frame w/ welds

SDG tall gripper seat

Gas Tank

SDG T3 minis 38t sproket (black)

Wiring (rev box, key, sparkplug cap, ect. )

SDG rear Disk Brake

Black sratched up SDG rear rim

I will leave rim, brakes, sproket together if someone wants me to.

Going Cheap, PM me with offers and if there reasonable I will take them on the spot probably. PM for pics.
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