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Hey all. 1st post, wooooo!

I just scooped up a bunch of xr/xl75/80 stuff from a leathery old racer in the desert.

I tig-weld, machine, port and wrench.

The plan is to make a sort of stock restored xl75 to sell and another bike for me to keep, which will be modified. Both bikes will be street legal here in Los Angeles.

Both frames are xl75 frames. The second bike has an xr80 points motor, which will obviously need a rewound stator to run some street equipment. I have some questions about what is the best carb to run with the xr80 and maybe some suggestions about exhaust diameter specs, for I might make my own exhaust for the second motor.

I have some parts to trade/sell/donate. (several bottom ends, forks, a cam, a swinger & airbox).

Currently I am looking for a few parts also. (xl tank, seat, xr carb, right side cover, fender, indicators, speedo, flywheel cover, harness, headlight, xr exhaust). Get in touch via PM if you have anything to trade/sell.

I will post here as i go along.

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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