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4 or 6 bolts? Clutch help?

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Im 220 lbs. My bike has bbr 143 big bore. I put a manual clutch on it with the primary gear. I was told to take two of the pressure plate bolts out of the clutch b/c it wont disengage enough. The bad thing is, whenever I clutch it out of a turn or switch into a higher gear, it feels like the clutch slips for about 1 second and then locks up. Do I need to put the other two bolts back in the pressure plate?
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ya do it. i got the takegawa clutch and i called them and they told me to put all 6 in. my stock clutch only had 4 bolts. when you get hd clutch springs it comes with 2 more bolts. or maybe even 6 new ones. ?? but ya get stiff clutch cprings and out all 6 in
well idunno then i have all six in mine and hd springs with new plates and fibers and works amazing maybe its ur cltuch cable is stretched i dunno. but deff put all six bolts in
ok thanks, gonna put the other 2 back in.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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