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3 speed close ratio

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is it a good idea, i havent seen one anywhere else thats just a kit and not a complete tranny, is this a good deal/idea to get
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Its supposed to be better than the stock gears .... better ratio I think
yea its sposed to make 1st gear usable

but i wasnt sure if it was better to get the kit on sik50s or this kit

i know this one is alot cheeper, but is it the better route
Do you think it will shorten you final top speed?
well prob for me cuz i have a 4 speed right now, but i wana get a 3 speed either way, and wasnt sure if i wanted to get the close ratio or just a reg one
if your gunna go 3spd, just get the close ratio set.
FatGuy_On_A_Fiddy said:
Do you think it will shorten you final top speed?

nope, the final ratio in 3rd is about the same i believe. Two bros might have a graph to show it? But it just makes the ratios better to make it more ridable.
Much better spacing between first and second gears . 3rd is a tad bit shorter per the TWO BROS graph on their site ..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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