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The Pitster Pro ADV 190 /125 models are a crossover mini motorcycle. We like to think of the ADV as a hybrid, a combination of playfulness and performance we love about pit bikes and the stunt-ish aspects and smiles per mile of a Honda Grom/MSX. At nearly 20hp (over twice that of a Honda Grom) when equipped with the 190cc, the five speed transmission and aggressive suspension, are sure to bring out the hooligan in you!
The ADV 190 and 125 bikes will be offered as offroad models for 2019 and future models may be available as street legal enduro epa/dot certified models.
Check with your local state DMV about licensing off road motorcycles for road use.

Msrp for the ADV 125 is expected to be around $1699 and the ADV 190 around $1999, if you would like to get your name on the list for our expected April 2019 delivery please email [email protected]

Production photos and specifications will be added to the website after Jan 10th

Here are a few pre-production photos of the ADV 190!


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