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One week and it's on !

F1 & F2 should be stacked with all the fast kids bumping up. Supermini is looking to be a sick as well. Of course NSR/NSF is gonna provide great close racing all season long and a new crop of MiniGP contenders is brewing!

Cant wait for the great racing that awaits us this season. Good luck to everyone and lets keep it SAFE and FUN!!!

See you Sunday morning............... EARLY , Anthony

Also please give the USGPRU Code of conduct a good read. It applies to our club as well, maybe even more so as our kids are in the youngest stages of there racing journeys. The last thing they need is there fun spoiled, and that is what NJ MiniGP is all about................... FUN!!!

As always for all info/pre-reg and questions on our Forum.

The USGPRU Code of Conduct follows:

2011 Code of Conduct

As a racer, crew member, parent or team owner, you are responsible for complying with all applicable safety rules as written in the 2011 USGPRU Rulebook. The Rule Books are available online at in the ‘downloads, forms and entry’ section of the site.

For Racers:

1. Respect the officials and individuals who are running the race. If you do not like a decision or have a complaint, take it to the Race Director and/or Chief Steward. Excessive arguing with officials or use of profane language will get you disqualified immediately. Avoid arguing with stewards and officials – most stewards have volunteered their time and services to ensure your race weekend runs smoothly and efficiently.

2. Attend the riders’ meeting. This meeting is not voluntary. All racers are required to attend. If under the age of 18, the racer must be accompanied by an adult (parent or responsible crew member). This meeting provides information about the race schedule, safety issues, procedural changes, and answers questions, etc. These changes may be different from the rulebook and it’s critical that all racers are aware of any weekend-specific changes on and off track.

3. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants, regardless of their ability, gender or cultural background.

4. Remember to treat with respect and thank fans, fellow competitors, coaches, volunteers, team members and officials. Without these people, the sport could not exist.

5. Adhere to host organization rules & regulations and remember that we are guests during their event weekend. Treat the host like you were a guest in their home.

6. Respect track operators by adhering to the rules and guidelines of each track.

7. Be environmentally conscious: Keep your area clean and treat spills appropriately. Leave your area as you would like to find it.

8. Treat all competitors as you would like to be treated – do not interfere with, bully or take advantage of any other participant. This includes using e-mail or social media to bully or slander competitors.

9. Control your temper: Verbal abuse, threats and physical violence are not acceptable behaviors.

**Verbal abuse of any type against fellow racers, the teams, officials, or spectators will be dealt with by the officials. A verbal and/or written warning will be followed by suspension of the offending person(s) or team.

**Any physical abuse will result in expulsion from the event and possibly the rest of the season. Additionally it will be referred to the appropriate government agency for any legal resolution.

For Parents:

1. Encourage children to participate to the best of their ability.

2. Focus upon the child’s performance rather than the overall outcome of the event.

3. Teach children that an honest effort is as important as victory. At this point in their careers, learning and getting better is more important than winning.

4. Encourage your children to follow the rules and respect the work and decisions of officials and stewards.

5. Remember that children are involved in motorcycle racing for their enjoyment – not yours.

6. Set a good example by avoiding the use of derogatory or abusive language, respect officials and stewards and never ridicule, scold, threaten or yell at a child for making a mistake during competition.

7. Don’t be a problem parent. Count to 10, go for a run, or put yourself in the other person’s shoes before you say anything you might regret later. If you have an issue, talk to an official, don’t let the issue fester. More times than not, it’s a communication issue or someone isn’t seeing all sides of an issue.

8. If you see any ‘soccer parent’ behavior in others, politely, professionally, and privately bring it to the parent’s attention or to the attention of USGPRU officials. But don’t be part of the problem by ignoring this sort of cancer. It will spread if you do.

9. Verbal abuse of any type against racers, competitors, officials, or spectators will NOT be tolerated and will be dealt with by the officials. A verbal and/or written warning will be followed by suspension of the offending person(s) or team. Any physical abuse will result in expulsion from the event and possibly the rest of the season. Additionally it will be referred to the appropriate government agency for any legal resolution.

Code of Conduct 2011 Pledge

I promise to uphold the Racing Rules of the USGPRU and host organization, and honor the spirit of fair competition. I pledge honesty and integrity in general, encourage good sportsmanship, and shall not deviate from the truth, or break rules which govern our sport of motorcycle racing, nor tolerate such behavior in others.

I promise to maintain a positive mental attitude and be responsible for my conduct as a representative of the USGPRU, by at all times following the various rules, regulations, and direction given by USGPRU officials and personnel from the host organization.

I understand that any violation of these rules may result in the restriction of my, and/or my team’s participation in current and/or future USGPRU and affiliate organization events.

I will follow and support all safety procedures provided by the officials, understanding the paramount importance of safety. Parents will notify an official or other responsible adult if another racer is in danger.

I will respect the property of others, and neither steal, damage, destroy nor borrow another's property without permission, nor tolerate such behavior by other parents or team members.

I will treat USGPRU members, racers, coaches, competitors, spectators, officials, hosts and all others with respect, regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin or abilities.

I will not abuse other competitors, members and personnel of the host club, officials, nor other parents or racers on the team, whether verbally, physically, or emotionally, nor tolerate such conduct in others.

By signing this code of conduct I agree that USGPRU membership is voluntary and that this membership and my participation in USGPRU events may be suspended or revoked unilaterally by the USGPRU officials for violations of this code.


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