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parting out the bike and keeping the motor, located in victorville california, pm or text 760-885-1919, all parts will ship via usps w/ a delivery conformation number. local pick up is welcome and preferred! if you need something thats not listed like bolts etc. let me know and ill see what i have, thanks for your time!

-2007 frame w/ title- $80 plus shipping

-rear wheel almost new rear tire $65 shipped

-Pro circuit ti-4 (header is dented underneath doesn't affect performance) - SOLD

-Billetware pegs and hd pegmount w/ springs and pins(pegs are scraped up and pegmount has some jb weld where it leaked off the cases from previous owner/ pegmount is straight and perfect working order) - SOLD

-Pro taper xr50 bend bars (bars are scratched up but are straight)- SOLD

-Stock forks w/ hd springs and thick oil- SOLD

-Stock shock w/ hd spring (top of shock spring holder thing is chipped but it works just fine)- SOLD

-white plastics w/monster graphics and stock seat - SOLD

-stock gas tank w/polisport gas cap and petcock-$35 shipped

-stock wiring harness- SOLD

-aftermarket folding shifter yr 05 and up(end is a little grinded)- SOLD

-stock kickstarter- SOLD

-airbox removal kit (left shroud brace and pitboss air filter the plastic molding is ripped but it seals fine)- SOLD!


1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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