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2007 redcat r9-x w/e-22 big valve race head !!! $450.00

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2007 redcat r9-x w/e-22 big valve race head !!! $385.00

lost my job due to this big sucking sound they call the economy so i must part with a couple of my toys.

2007 redcat r9-x features a 100cc 4-stroke engine, manual clutch with 1 down 3 up shift pattern, e-22 big valve race head, tuned headder muffler combination, extended race frame, fully adjustable rear suspension with adjustable ride height, full skidplate with cooling fins and oil drain access, long travel front suspension, 8" vinted disc brake on the fron the rear is a hub type, new style plastics to match the crf's from honda, 2 stage performace air filter, large bore carburetor, kick start, cdi ignition. I used this bike at memphis motorcports park to get time slips and food and drinks and to cruise on at super chevy. My son has also ridden the bike but he is a small 7 y/o whos too short for the bike as it is as tall as our crf80 honda. He has only ridden the bike in the lawn and in first or second gear. The tires got worn on the asphalt at the drag strip from sliding the rear tire and playing around. The engine is tight, no smoke or leaks, bike has had regular oil changes and has had all service done on it. I just had the valves checked and the air filter cleand and oil changed. The bike needs tires and handlebar grips so i bought a brand new complete set of crf50 honda tires,rims,brake hubs and axles with spacers and chain adjusters. I also have a brand new set of nice ergonimically designed grips for comfort. These items will come with the bike . The bike listed for $1599.00, i paid $1279.20 for it delivered. I hate to sell the bike but as i said, i lost my job doe to this sucky economy and i need the cash ... I am asking $385.00 and i will consider offers ... The bike starts on the first kick with full choke and after a minute or two no choke needed ... She is a little cold blooded ... But runs and performs great ... Nice wheelie machine and revs to the moon ... It's a little quicker than our crf80 ... And it's a big difference from our crf70 ... I am located in northeastern arkansas about 90-100 miles from the missouri line, 40 miles south of jonesboro, and 60 miles west of memphis, 3 hours northeast of little rock, and about 5 hours from the oklahoma state line and 5-6 hours from dekalb texas . Feel free to ask questions through pm's and i take phone calls at 1-870-318-0138 . Bike is always kept inside ... !!!


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price reduced !!!!!! Will part out or sell whole ... I need cash $$$$ ...
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