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2007 klx134 motor??

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2007 Klx110 motor


TB cam

Ported stock head

Ported intake

TBR bump start

HD clutch springs

Stock carb jetted

Whats it worth??
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Dang, I have seen the stock motors go for that. Oh well.
I would say $500ish. Depends on who's looking really. There was a stock motor listed at $700...
I know that it all depends on how bad someone needs a motor. I want to get $525 shipped. Am I crazy?
Pictures posted. I have a picture of the stock carb with ported intake too, but ran out of file space. I clean the motor as best I could in the parts washer, but mud stains as I am sure eneryone knows.


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Sorry for the smaller pics. I am not trying to hide anything.
i bought a 06 with a

134 cyln

stock ported head


two bros crank

4th gear

hydro clutch

tak primary

26mm carb

for $700 no shipping because i picked it up. its so fast for having light mods
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