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2006 yamaha TTR 50

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This is a 2006 Yamaha TTR 50 Electric Start. It has a few aftermarket parts including Gytr Billet Blue wide foot pegs and heavy duty mount for them, Gytr big handle bar kit, Gytr billet blue brake pedal, Gytr skid plate, And Gytr heavy duty springs. I have most of the stock parts that came off of it minus the handle bars.It could use some new graphics but all plastic is ok. Great bike just gotta clean out the garage! Im asking $800

If you have any questions call Mike at 865-809-9293 Thanks


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Interested in an 08 1/2 X4R with less than two hours on bike?? Your bike and some cash?
It's for sale on here also. It's on the 3rd page under Overcash211. All the details and pics are there.
Yeah i actually just checked it out. I really havent been looking for trades but how much $ we talking?
bump for a nice 50....rode it the yesterday...not onto 50's but nice bike.
Thanks man, i finally sold it today :) SOLD
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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