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2006 crf50 part out/ aftermarket parts and more

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trying to get more pics up did not let me put more than shown !


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I have lowered all prices and stuff needs sold


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Do you have the title or manufacturers certificate of origin for the frame? I'll take the frame if you do.

pm or email me at [email protected] or cell 714-655-2239.

how bad a shape is the ishock in, it looks like it has some dings, I'll give you 60 for it if good
I-shock is in good shape just a lil dirty just took it off the bike... Was used so not perfect but no leaks..... also the frame has 2006 id tag on it b/c I taped it off. I do not have title
Does the front wheel come with the brake panel?
brake panel? It the whole complete front wheel you get the whole wheel with th brake drum and the parts on that .
Just wanted to give Zach a two thumbs up......He is a honest guy.

Thanks for that engine buddy but next time you ship one drain the oil!!!!......firepower has it right now porting the head.

super dude giving super deals

No problem!!! I am glad you like it. Its clean! Glad its nothing to major . Thanks for the suporting me to the site
I'll take the two brothers foot peg mount. What's your paypal? Does it come with a kickstand? Can it, if you have an aftermarket one? Also, what color are the pegs?
two brother mount does not except a kick stand.
mototripleAride89 said:
two brother mount does not except a kick stand.

You never got back to me with your paypal email. What's up? I was ready to buy the two brothers mount and pegs.
what forks are those and how much shipped to 49067
Need frame sold and swinger and still have motor
Is the TB 20mm carb intake for stock head or race head? Shen-way or keihin carb?
that triple claamp for 70 forks? If yes how much?

pm me
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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