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2006 CRF50 Engine Takegawa 88cc (Low Hours)

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Up for sale is the engine out of my 06 CRF50. The motor is in great shape with no flaws at all!


06 Honda CRF50 Motor (Low Hours)

Takegawa 88cc S Kit w/Carb (This kit makes about 5.8 HP)

Takegawa High Volume Oil Pump

BBR Cam Cover

Does not include Boysen cover!

Looking for $400

Call 570-637-0125 with questions.

Sorry about the bad pics. I will have better ones tomorrow.
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Make me an offer. The bike is pretty much new. Maybe 3-4 hours on all parts. The Sano forks and Fox shock are new.
thought the parts guy was buying this local?
Mxrider346 said:
thought the parts guy was buying this local?

This is my personal ride. I have 2 others...
rc164racer said:
You wanna part it out?

What do you want?
I'm not parting this bike. I just bought a new bike and will most likely sell the one complete. Looking for $2000.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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