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Damn Butch, I looked on the Honda site yesterday, and you beat me to it!

For those of you who want one, they are around $2100 before you pay someone in Japan to purchase it for you, crate it up and ship it off.

Why must Honda still put plastic fenders on the limited edition Monkey's? Ugh. I like the seat and the rear stocks, but not much else. From looking at the picture, it will not sell well in Japan. I won't be purchasing one of these.

Now why doesn't Honda spec the CRF50 with the 4 speed manual? It really needs to make it an option.

Here's the description in badly translated Japanese:

Special color of 50cc leisure motorcycle "monkey" limitation sale -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HONDA, in the popularity leisure motorcycle "monkey" of 50cc, won December 3rd (the gold) from the limited 2,500 unit sells the special color model which administers the color ring "of CB750F", 1982 AMA * in 1 super motorcycle デイトナ 100 mile race/lace, deflection D スペンサー * with the riding of 2. This monkey special, the tank of the silver paint which administers the stripe, the steering wheel, the muffler and the turn signal which were standardized with spirit 悍 black, adopts the mirror, and the vivid lead-lead and the rear suspension of black, adopts the use color "of CB750F" to everywhere. In addition, equipping the special seat of the carbon pitch epidermis in the seat. In addition, designing the sign スペンサー to the sticker and the key of the tank surface. It has made the special specification car which unites the enjoyment which it runs and the enjoyment which is owned. The monkey since selling 1967, being small-statured, is the long cellar model which obtains favorable comment in the customer of wide layer with the real operativity due to the speed change mechanism of loading, and 4th gear of the lovely body and 4 stroke engines of the environmental efficiency which is superior.

Here's what they based the bike on:

Thanks for posting the information!
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