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I have a stock 110 engine and carb with the following mods:

• Pro Circuit T-4 system

• Removed air box snorkel

• UNI filter

• Shimmed Needle with Radio Shack #4 washer

• 40 Pilot jet

• 85 Main jet

• Turned in Air screw ¼ turn (assuming this make it richer)

• Bumped up idle (would stumble and die when warm/cold)

• TB Manual clutch

Still have some bog and stumble on the bottom but seems to run good on mid and top without any stumbles or bog. Things I will not do are adding pod filter because of mud and frequent cleaning or add a big bore kit. Just want to get rid of the stumble on the bottom. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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