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2005 Kawasaki KLX MOD Motor. Motor was built by Nicoll Racing.

Motor consists of:

-Honda Trail Bikes 4th Gear Shift Drum

-Takegawa Primary Drive

-Two Brothers Stroker Crank (Real Two Brothers Crank)

-BBR Forged Output Shaft W/1st Gear

-Two Brother Bump Start

-Honda Trail Bikes 165 Scut Kit

-Mikuni VM25mm Carb

-BBr Rev Box

-Two Brother Stiffer Clutch Springs

-BBR Kill Switch

-Two Brothers Skid Plate

-Pro Circut Dress Up Kit (RED)

-Cam Cover

-Tappet Covers

-Ignition Cover

-Oiler Filler Cap

-Magura Hydro Clutch

-Trail Bikes Billet Throttle W/ Cable

-Joker Sprocket Guard

-Red Baron Billet Gas Cap

-Takegawa 14 Tooth Front Sproket

$1300.00 O.B.O on motor. I just had to put a price or it will get deleted and go to the feelers. shoot me an offer on anything or everything.....

Also Have:

-BBR Tall Seat- $

-Gas Tank

-Stock Frame

-Two Brothers M6 Pipe

You Can Eamil Me At: [email protected]

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I need the input and output shaft, second gear, the crank, the piston rings, and both sets of muffler bearings. Please send me an exact quote for shipped to 91784

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sorry guys this was a friends bike i sold for him last september, everything is sold, sorry i forgot to delete this post.

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