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I'm in need of some quick money! Bike is located in Wrightwood, CA 92397 (SoCal). Shipping is not availible, sorry. My e-mail is [email protected] .. No pink slip, as bike was built from the ground up. Can provide a Bill of Sale if need be. NO parting out. PM me with any questions. Thanks, Charlie

Looking For $1750 OBO, Or will trade for a two stroke 125. Either a Kawasaki (2003 or newer) or Suzuki (2001 or newer). Traders must be local.

I was informed by the previous owner/builder that the motor is a 2005, NOT a 2004.

MOTOR: (2005)

TB 117 (New Race Head)

TB Oil Cooler

TB Manual Clutch (Included, But not installed)

TB Rev Box

26mm Mikuni Carb

Head Breather

BBR Big Bore Exhaust

Factory Metals Dress Up Kit


RB Chromoly Frame with Removable Subframe

DC +2 Swingarm


RB +1s & HD Springs

12' Black Front Wheel w/ HD Spokes

10' Black Rear also w/ HD Spokes


Renthal 35T Rear Sprocket

Sik 50's Aluminum Throttle

Red Baron Tall Seat

Black Plastics w/ Willies Motoworld Graphics

Sik 50s Peg Mount

Factory Metals Pegs

UNI Dual Stage Air Filter

Red Baron Bars

Extended Shifter

Sikk MX Chain Guide & Skidplate


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SHADE said:
does it have an heavy duty clutch in it or somthing a 117 with out a manual yikes.. how man hours on the top end, what kind of i shock.

It's got the TB HD auto clutch in it right now. It comes with a TB Manual clutch, it's just not installed. Probably around 30 hrs on Motor. Standard I-shock, no rezzy.

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This was my old bike so i hope you don't mind me helping out. 30 hours is about right for the top end. I changed the oil on it pretty much after everytime it got ridden... either at the track or trails. I've used the tb hd clutch on pretty much all my bikes and it will hold the 117 fine. My friend had way over 100 hours on his clutch on his 108 before it started to slip. The manual clutch that he's selling with the bike is pretty much new. Hope that helps a little.
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