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Up for sale is my 05 CRF50, I dont have the time to ride it anymore so its not doing me any good sitting here. This bike is in immaculate condition as you will see by the pics. It runs great, it never stops pulling.


Kitaco 117cc stroker kit, plus extra port work on the head and intake

Kitaco inner-rotor kit

Kitaco CDI

Kitaco super coil

Takegawa 3 speed close ratio tranny

Takegawa billet oil cooler(not pictured)

Takegawa valve breather

Takegawa magnetic drain plug

Ultima exhaust

Five O chromoly +2 frame

Two Bros swingarm

Two Bros graphics

I-Shock with resivour

SDG forks

HD wheels and spokes

Front and rear disc brakes

DID gold chain

Applied folding shifter

Quick adjust clutch

Red Baron billet oversized pegs

Billet skid plate

BBR tall seat

Renthal bars

Im asking $2900, you know what kinda money is invested into this bike so i think thats a pretty fair price. Here are some pics........


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I'm glad every one already beat me to the trash talk .....

Either there was massive inflation of money where Mr. fiddy nutz is from or hes trying to rip people off

save it for ebay you young whipper snapper


5-0 chromo frame sports a detachable sub frame...

SANO would have been a more fitting chromo frame to fake
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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