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2005 crf100/124

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my #1 CRF 100 is now for sale going to roadrace 125GP bikes.

Here is just some of the info.

Takegawa 124cc superhead

28mm carb

5 speed trans and Magnisum cases that you CANT get in the USA they were bought in Japan while on vacation

billet oil cooler

custom made Ti valves with beriliam seats

custom made Applied clamps

BBR swing arm (they dont offer off the shelf any more they are all custome made and run $900)

06 CR 85 forks with PC "wORKS KIT" ($750 just for the Pro Circuit internals)

Custom made billet linkage to raise the rear(match the height of the CR 85 front end)

complete Met Tec Ti bolt kit(about $1200-$1500 every nut and bolt is Titanium)

EBC brake caliper

EBC disc

and lots more...

I won every race I entered on it (except one heat race that I ran out of gas). This bike has about $12,000 invested in it. If you're interested, give me a call.


Price: $3100

Location: Victorville

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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