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I bought this motor a few months back, and never used it. I took the clutch cover off, but never put it back on, so YOU WILL NEED TO PUT THE CLUTCH COVER BACK ON! I don't know how to put it back on, because there's some springs and stuff, just too confusing for me. I DO have all the parts necessary. I bought a brand new tb gasket for it. I bought it off 50 Donkey in like july or august, so it's been sitting since at least then. He said it had low hours, and ran excellent just needs a good bath. The ign cover is chipped at the bottom right hand corner, so it's perfect for a cut or just leave it as is. Needs nothing! No carb or wiring is included. $235 shipped us48! Please add 3% for pp fees. Will not ship overseas sorry.

I bought the tb carb/man. a few months back off of firepower354, and never used it. I don't have any pictures of it, I can take some if need be. Comes with the airfilter, and throttle cable. Doesn't need anything. $50 shipped us48! Please add 3% for pp fees.

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