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What's up Gang! I mentioned awhile back that I'd be selling my on road titled '04 NSR50 at some point. Figured I'd get her listed now. So this WAS to be my "forever" basement princess, but a still new and never run/prepped NSR came up for sale 4 hours from me. The Lord knows it wasn't cheap, but I grabbed her up. This bike was uncrated in 2013, and I bought it used in 2014. Been in the basement since. May have 6-8 hours of total ride time. Never had a screw turned on her mechanically, and original tires are still in great shape. Body has a couple light scratches, and the upper has a small crack at the windscreen mount. The tabs are all good at the base of the lowers too. The bad? The tank which was purchased later off of EBay, apparently was stored with gas in it. There's a coating of soft varnish/goo that will need to be cleaned out. Other than that, the tank is perfect. The original tank got dented in a light crash. The guy's bud was behind him and hit it. I left the cap and petcock off, but they will be included along with both keys. Pics show condition. Message me with questions or interest. Located in Cleveland, OH. $3500 EM if interested at [email protected]
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