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2004 Honda CRF 117 Pitbike Very Fast! Lots of mods!

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I've got a 2004 CRF 117 that I need to sell because I just dont ride it anymore and need to pay off some school loans. It is in excellent shape! I've done a lot of mods to this thing and I can't believe I've spent so much money on this thing. Over $8,000!! lol Amazingly fast bike! I need to get $2200 obo. My loss is someone's amazing gain. I didn't go cheap on any of the stuff. Here's a list of what the bike has:

1. Red Baron Frame and subframe kit

2. Red Baron Black chromoly heavy duty swingarm

3. Fox Podium X Shock with adjustable compression and rebound dampening

4. Red Baron Inverted Forks

5. Red Baron Factory Fork Upgrade Kit (12inch Front Black Wheel with hydraulic disc brake)

6. SDG Seat

7. Moose EZ clutch perch and lever(very soft and easy pull! Big Difference)

8. Red Baron Handlebar and Red Baron Risers

9. Joker Tornado Throttle Assembly

10. Red Baron Skid plate

11. Titanium Full system Ti Force Exhaust

12. Bored original Honda cases

13. Takegawa 3 speed Transmission and Manual Clutch Complete Kit

14. Takegawa 95cc Super Head Bore Up Kit

15. TB Stroker Crank that makes the motor 117cc

16. Takegawa Hyper CDI Box

17. Keihin PE24 Carburetor

18. Takegawa Billet Oil Cooler

19. Takegawa Super Oil Pump

20. Shaved Flywheel

21. Iridium Denso Spark Plug

22. Fastway Footpegs

23. Red Baron Chain Guard

24. Hardstyle Rear Sprocket

25. Red Baron Front Sprocket

26. Solid rare Black Powdercoated rear wheel

27. Red Baron Gas cap with Shorty Vent

Let me know if you have any questions.You can call me at 321-437-8404 or pm me. Thanks!


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nice bike i always wanted a fiddy but i keep buyin 110s
knucklehead459 said:
what he said!!

what they said... Part it and make some serious money:D
Anyone interested in buying?
Anyone interested in buying as a whole first??
Im interested in your tripple clamps if they will fit GPX forks
Bike sold!! WOw that was quick! Thanks everyone!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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