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2004 crf50 fully tricked out for sale, barely used, must sell...need money for car. kind of sucks i have to sell it, its a great bike but oh well..

aftermarket parts include:

-88se big bore

-1" longer sik50 chromoly frame(black)

- sik50 forks w/ red anodized clamps

-black anodized sik50 bars

-magura hydrolic clutch(semi-automatic)

-moto-xxx graphics

-12" front wheel

-red anodized WRP rims

-HD spokes

-blue anodized billet hubs(fast 50s)

-CDI rev booster

-brushed aluminum sik50 swingarm

-Limited edition I-shock

- HD forks springs/oil

- Ti-Force titanium exhaust

-sik50 engine dress up kit

-Oil cooler

-oil pump

-HD clutch springs

-sik50 chain guide

-sik50 rear sprocket

-sik50 cut engine side

-sik50 billet kickstarter

-custom red anodized gas cap

-Billet sik50 dipstick

-sik50 cam cover

-20mm carb

-new bridgestone tires

-sik50 wide footpegs

-sik50 carbon fiber skidplate

-black gripper seat cover

-D.I.D. gold chain

price- 4800 OBO

if interested please contact me at (805)300-6111

if looking for pictures then look in the bikes gallery, they are a few months old and i didnt have all of these parts on it but if you ask cam or bryce they will tell you how great of a deal this really is. thanks

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srb88042 said:
lol i dont know really why anyone would buy an already tricked out 50, for 5,000 or so u can have an amazingly ill 50 for that and sorry to say you might get a grand nobodys ever gonna fork that money out...

STFU u dont kno wat ur talking about... Discard this guys post its a retard that posted it

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hehe for all of you that dissed me, indeed, i am not stupid, if your retarted enough to buy an already pimped out 50, WAY over priced for what you could build it yourself and probably about a grand cheaper, go ahead, but its a free world and i can express my opinion if you dont like it #$#$ YOU!

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that bike was custom built by darryl king of sik50s from scratch.

look up on sik50s custom bike section and check the going rate for the Sik50 Platinum and add about $2,000 more for the misc stuff the platinum doesnt hav: hydraulic clutch, 88SE (1,300) billet kickstart etc.

i would say this is a bargin.
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