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I have a fully modded 2004 CRF 50 it is built to race as a pit bike. NOT FOR LITTLE KIDS! it rips and I have enough parts to build another complete bike and ride for years with out buying anything but maybe the occasional tube! The bike has:
-2004 CRF50f stock frame gusseted and supported (welded by professional)
-Billetware +2 swingarm
-Pro Piranha Racing Front end kit CRF50 BILLET Front End kit - Pit Bike Chassis Parts - Front Forks - WHS-2633 - TBolt USA, LLC
-Custom valved X-Minis rear shock w/ 250lb DNM spring
- Light Speed Carbon fiber tank cover
-Pro Taper SE 110 bend bars
-BBR throttle assembly
-Acerbis orange and White plastics kit (to replicate KTM)
-Custom cut KTM 125SX front number plate
-new Tires
-Rear rimlock
-orange rear brake system
-Red Baron Racing Tall Seat
-CHP over sized pegs
-CHP Heavy duty peg mount
-BBR skid plate

-Takegawa 106 stroker crank kit R-STAGE STROKE UP KIT 12V R CRANK 106CC takegawa orderno 01103431
-BBR 88 kit plus Race head BBR Motorsports, Inc - Browser Support Page
-Heavy duty clutch springs+ newer plates
- Either KTM orange dress up kit or AHP metallic brown dressup kit
-custom milled ignition cover in KTM Orange
-extended folding shifter in Orange
-Anodized red oil dipstick
-UNI air filter
-FMF Power Core 4 (sounds awesome!)

I'm Really looking to trade this bike for a 125 2 stroke 2002 or newer I also have many spare parts I could include so send me a text or call me at 413 250 4459 and we can work something out. This bike is ready for the first round of Masters of Minis! just slap your numbers on and go!
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I'm not like trying to be like mean just saying cause I have the same forks the rotor in ur links not the same a d the adjustments up top are red as well as the same dust guards as the pro. 50
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