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2004 custom sik50 for sale!!!

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i have a crf50 for sale fully built up. im located in thousand oaks california and need money for my truck, bike is new, only ridden a few times(probably has 10-15 miles on it)

after market parts on bike include...

-88cc kitaco big bore w/ ported and polished head

-high performance cam

-20mm carb/manifold

-sik50 forks w/ stiffer springs tripple clamps anodized red

-sik50 swingarm(anodized black) with limited edition I-shock

-12" front wheel

-red anodized WRP heavy duty rims

-heavy duty spokes

-billet aluminum hubs anodized blue

-Ti-Force titanium exhaust

-sik50 black handlebars

-sik50 black anodized throttle assembly

-sik50 rear sprocket(anodized black)

-RK gold chain

-sik50 chain guide

-sik50 chromoly frame powder coated black

-kitaco oil cooler

-sik50 engine dress up kit

-motoXXX graphics

-black gripper seat cover

-powder coated black footpeg mount

-sik50 wide footpegs

-sik50 cut out engine cover

-sik50 billet aluminum kickstarter

-sik50 billet aluminum dipstick

-renthal (medium)grips

-new bridgestone tires

-red anodized billet gas cap

-silver gascap vent

-TwinAir airfilter

-sik50 carbon fiber skid plate

picture of the bike(keep in miond when this picture was taken my bike didnt have the billet hubs or the oil cooler)-



well i think thats about is for sale for $4800 O.B.O....if inteested please contact me, my cell # is (310)926-9800. ask for joe
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add onto that list of parts a CDI rev booster, IMs shifter, and a sik50 1" longer rear brake lever :)
Damn JOEY! I knew your bike was nice but I didnt know it was that nice!
ill giv y 2 folars oppppppppppppppp;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;9 << cat

lol ill give you 500
y you selling???
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