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New Baby Girl forces sale of baby

I will post pictures soon

2003 XR50 with Ohio Title


88cc Kit with race head - Trailbikes kit

Performance Air Filter

Kitaco High Flow oil Pump

Kitaco Tappet Breather Kit

TB Manual Clutch + You get all the stock clutch parts

Suspension and Brakes

+1 Forks with heavy duty springs and delrion bushings

Hydraulic Front Disc Brake

Kitaco Rear Shock - Fully Adjustable

BBR Handlebar Kit with Black Triple Clamp

3" Lift Kit, raises tank and seat

Oversized Foot Pegs

Exhaust and Electronics

BBR Exhaust(black)

Stator with voltage regulator -12v

Dual 55watt Lights

Kitaco CDI

Bodywork and Tires

2003 Bodywork with seat, flawless

2003 Bodywork with seat, good condition

IRC MB38 Street Tires

Original Knobbies, almost new condition

also, renthal chain 14,15,16 front and 37 red anondized rear

******Sorry, but my prices are non-negotiable*******

Shipping via forward air will be approximately $100 in a crate to an airport near you.

$1800 + Shipping for everything (I will include 5 gallons of 113 race gas if you pick it up locally in Ohio)


XR50 with engine(everything in engine category), BBR Bar Kit, mint bodywork and everything else stock $1300

If I sell it without the upgrades here are there respective prices...

BBR Exhaust $100

Kitaco Rear Shock $125

+1 Forks and Disc Brakes $200

3" Lift Kit $30

Kitaco CDI $35

Stock Knobbie Tires $10

Oversized Pegs $35



email [email protected]
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