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2003 Honda CR85 Mini-Road Racer *New Price* $1000

2003 Honda CR85 Mini-Road Racer

Here is a Cr 85 that has been converted to a mini-road race bike.

This is Vision Hayes old bike (For those who don't know, Vision is a young (11years old?), talented road racer in California). It was purchased from Vision's dad at the end of last summer.

About the bike:

-The suspension has been professionally lowered internally and set up for a ~120lb rider.

-Over-sized EBC front rotor with CRF250/450 master and caliper and caliper relocation adapter (You can do one fingered stoppies with this set up...)

-Vortex billet Clip-ons

-Applied Racing after market triple clamp

-GPR Steering damper, professionally custom fit to the bike.

-Professionally made and welded rear-set mounts with (I think...) CBR600 rear-sets

-Kick start gear removed (parts to put gear back on will be included)

-Front and rear sliders

-The top end has ~25 hours on it.

-It has a Keihin PWK 28mm D-slide carb (stock carb off of the '06 and up Cr85's)

-V-force 3 reed valves

-Stock pipe/exhaust

-17" wheels made by Sun with Dunlop slicks

-A super awesome Gatorade catch can!

Extras included:

-Honda Owners Manual.

-Aluminum dirt bike stand (with center hole for easy oil change)

-2 sprockets, 50T and 55T

-extra clutch case cover

-nearly complete gasket set (only used exhaust flange gasket)

-2 Honda carb gaskets

-extra used exhaust flange

-stock reed valve

Optional Extras:

-Cylinder, head and piston off of a 2006 CR85. Honda changed the cylinders in '06.

They have much better porting and use a different exhaust mount.

The cylinder will probably need to be replated as it has some seizing marks. I dont think they are deep enough to warrant an over bore.

I'll send along the piston so one can see all the damage.

To use this you will also need an '06 and up pipe.

*This did not come off my bike! I bought them off of craigslist*

Can be yours for an additional $100

Clean Title in Hand.

The only reason I'm selling it is because this is the girlfriend's bike and she now has a KX65. She rode my 65 and liked it better than the 85 because its lighter, easier to throw into corners, and she can steal parts off of my bike and use them on have to watch these evil thieving girlfriends...:D

I was hoping to keep it as its an awesome bike but since I already have 3 race ready minis, it needs to go to a home where it will get used more.

We also have school tuition coming up soon and it would be nice to have the extra money.

The Good:

-Bike runs great!

-Its tons of fun to ride and race!

-It basically(see The Bad) needs nothing to race, just start up and go!

-I rode it at the track last weekend!

The Bad:

-The rear shock could use a bigger spring. It works ok as is but if it were my full time race bike I would stiffen up the rear end.

-One of the three exhaust flange bolts was broken off by the thieving girlfriend. It broke when she was taking the bolt out, as the previous owner used a ridiculous amount of lock tight when he installed it the last time. So, she has yet to extract it out (as extracting bolts is a pain...). It holds plenty tight with just the 2 bolts.

Just buy the optional extra cylinder and head and put them on. Solves the problem!

-The seat was cut down by the previous owner and is not the best looking...and its not the most comfortable thing I've ever sat on...but its a race bike, you only sit on it for ~10-15min at a time.

All and all its a great race bike! The bike is not going to win any bike beauty pageants but it will definitely win some races!

Located in Portland, OR.

I'm happy to ship the bike.

I have shipped 4 different bikes through and I highly recommend it! Its a very easy and affordable way to ship motorcycles.


Please only email me at Chester3000 "at" if interested.

I can also email more pics.



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