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SOLD!!!! Thanks for the interest and replies

For Sale:

2003 Calif. Street Legal Honda XR 50

Street legal was done in late 2003

Currently registered and insured

Mods incl:

88 cc big bore kit

Baja Designs Street Legal Light Kit (headlights, blinkers, horn, etc.)

Rewound stater to power the lights

Rear I-Shock with resi.

White I-Bike plastics

Applied black bars and top clamp

Heavy Duty front springs

Street and offroad tires incl.

Currently geared approx. 47 MPH. can be regeared faster/slower as desired

$1500 o.b.o. or trade for offroad tacoma bumpers and tires

feel free to ask questions (jeremy)

[email protected] or (714) 420-0641




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It has everything up to date sticker wise. Green Sticker and Nov. 2009 tags.

Sorry i didn't specify the tire size... i am looking for 265/75-16. AT or MT

any chance you have that size?
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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