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Recently acquired both these motors in a deal, they are non running currently at this time.

The one motor is a single speed motor with electric start case on it with no starter cover, the cases to the motor are in great condition and the motor still spins free, it does not have any stamping on the sleeve for cc.

The second motor is 107cc with electric start cases, the bottom end still turns freely and the cases are in good condition other then stator cover being broke, the bike seems to be a two speed motor.

Both motors are Chinese and come with 99% of the parts, including the carbs, intakes, and electrical.

These motors are perfect for someone looking for cheap parts or looking to have a electric start motor for cheap considering between both I am sure you could have a good running motor. Can only get one picture up at this time so txt for more.

I am looking for 150 OBO plus shipping

Phoenix, AZ
Call/txt 602-228-6034

R.R.N.S. - Rail Ruts Not S!u+s


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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