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2 Honda TB 143 cylinders

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Used TB 143 cylinder with an old style, new, TB piston

It has with marks on the inside cylinder walls. I ran the wrong piston on my motor for an hour or so and the valves were hitting the top of the piston. May or may not beable to be cleaned up with a cylinder hone.

$50shipped Priority

New TB 143 cylinder

The top of the cylinder wall is chipped in a couple places. I checked with my motor/old cylinder and the top of the piston would come up to the bottom of the chip. That's using a 55mm stroker crank.

I'm guessing you could get it bored out to run a 150 piston and you would be set. Post up if this is correct or incorrect.


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What's the OD of the sleeve spigot?

Akunar may be a MUCH cheaper source of an oversize.
59.97mm on the bottom and 60.06mm on top
crap, you said OD not ID

I'll get back to you tomorrow night.
ill give you a brand new set of two bros 10 inch spokes for the new one
slapaho16 said:
ill give you a brand new set of two bros 10 inch spokes for the new one


You're supposed to anyways! Did you send those spokes out yet?
firepower354 said:
Outside diameter, of the spigot?

I think I measured 62mm where it tapered off. I'll have to double check agian though..:confused:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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