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+1s - HD or stock springs?

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hey, im like 190ish and just got an ishock.. im going to buy +1s with brass bushings, should i run HD springs (rob has a pair that are nice, not the really stiff ones) or my sacked out stockers? i want to make sure there is minimal fork slop
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I would get the progressive wound springs. those are the best. PM skindonor for more info on them
thx but if i were to get them id buy them from rob (local guy) used, will there be more slop with HD springs then the stockers? if not then thats what i want but the slop is quite anyoing
slop has nothing to do with the springs, just the bushings. id still run the stock ones, my buds got the most rediculiosly disintigrated sprngs over the cromos and its fine.
im not sure what to do then.. my stockers dont hold me up very good so i think robs would be better for my weight
I bought a +1 kit from RC which came with brass bushings and progressive springs. The springs work very well but those brass bushings make a lot more noise than stock. They make the fork sound like it's going to fall apart. I'm going to try a different kind of bushing and see if it helps.
how are you guys liking the RC +1s? how noisy are they? any slop?
if you are going to go +1 or stiffer springs fdef get bushings to take the leg slop out but i would shy away from brass and go with delrin, i believe dpm still carries them, they make a world of a differnce and they will help take the bang outta the front end
sounds like you cut your plastic bushing wrong because our brass bushings don't have any slop and slide smoothier than any setup out there since we turn the tubes to perfectly match the bushings and we use a half length bushing so they do not bind you are suppossed to cut your stock plastic bushing in half to put between the bushing and the spring carrier to keep them from clanking same reason you see the guys who sell full length brass bushings with a little rubber washer.

Hope this helps .

PS. would love to see someone beat my prices on +1 fork kits :D too.
would you have to use the stock ones or could you cut up some delrin or teflon ones? that would be the ultimate
yes you can cut up a delron or a teflon set too and trust me when you install them correct there is no slop and no noise and they last forever these babys have been on the market for a year now and we have had no problems except with the black ones and all they did is have some of the black zinc come off which does not effect performance at all.
I got his black +1's & brass bushings... One word: SOLID
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