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I purchased this bike this past Fall with the intention of rebuilding it and having my Son ride it. He is pretty scared of it and now wants a four wheeler. I am looking for a 70-90CC name-brand ATV in good condition. Sorry but no Chinese knock-offs…….

When I got it, I don’t think it had ever really been cleaned, but I bought it because the motor fired up on the first kick, did not smoke, and went through all of the gears as it should…….so I knew it was sound in the most important area.

I disassembled it down to the frame and components, but left the motor sealed. I cleaned and painted most parts, checked and replaced any worn bushings/bearings, stripped screws, bad cables, worn brake pads, cracked body work, leaking fuel lines, poor wiring, and anything else I could think to look for.

This was never intended to be a full-on showroom condition restoration, and the tank paintjob & black vinyl stickering & some other parts are not perfect. Please do not come to look at the bike expecting and that every single nut/bolt will be shining and new.

HOWEVER, this bike starts are the very first kick, is 110% mechanically sound and safe for a young rider, it has a brand new OEM Honda carb that is tuned perfectly, adults can ride this thing around too, the engine does not burn oil or blow smoke, and the transmission shifts exactly as a new one would. This bike looks cooler than just about any bike on eBay, Cycletrader, or Craigslist………..and is cleaner than 95% of them! This bike needs absolutely nothing done to it unless you want the body work or motor to look like new.

Z50’s are a bit of a collector’s item at this point, and it’s harder and harder to find one that has had the love put into it that this one has. These make great family investments for kids and make great talking points as pit bikes! They last for years compared to many of the new XR/CRF’s.

Bill of sale provided. These bikes did not come with a title when new. VIN shows clear through DMV website.

There are TONS of pictures here that I took of the entire process:

I don't log onto this site too often, so your best way to reach me is via email [email protected]

Asking $995 and the bike is located in Cypress, TX......just outside of Houston.

Here’s everything I can remember that I did to this bike:

New Parts Installed:

OEM Honda Carburetor
OEM Honda Throttle Cable
OEM Honda Brake Cable
OEM Honda Throttle Tube
OEM Honda Brake Lever

OEM Honda Kick Start Pad

OEM Honda Shifter Pad
OEM Honda Handlebar Pad

OEM Honda Front Number Plate
OEM Honda Front Fork Dust Covers
OEM Honda Air Filter Element
OEM Honda Front and Rear Wheel Bearings (Un-installed)
OEM Honda Left & Right Chain Adjusters
OEM Honda Oil Drain Screw
OEM Honda Fuel Tubing

Aftermarket Factory FX Stickers
Aftermarket 3M Black Vinyl Number Backing
Aftermarket Supermoto Tires
Aftermarket Handlebar Grips
Fresh Castrol GTX 10W-30 Oil

Used or Rebuilt Parts or Service Performed:
Tires installed at Honda Dealer
Brake Pads Sanded & Cleaned & Adjusted
Front Brake Cable Installed & Adjusted
Rear Brake Arm Cleaned & Adjusted
Swingarm Cleaned & Painted

Frame Cleaned & Painted
Front Forks Cleaned & Painted
Front Fender Cleaned & Trimmed & Stickered
Rear Fender Cleaned & Stickered
Seat Cover Cleaned
Carb, Throttle Cable, Adjusted & Tuned

Chain Removed, Cleaned, & Oiled
Front Sprocket Cleaned & Checked
Rear Sprocket Cleaned & Checked & Painted
Rear Wheel Disassembled & Cleaned & Painted
Front Wheel Replaced with OEM Used Wheel/Hub & Cleaned & Painted
Handlebars Cleaned & Painted

New Scott Grips Installed
Gas Tank Sanded & Primed & Painted & Stickered
New Front Number Plate Installed & Stickered
Chain Protector Cleaned & Painted
Rear Inner Fender Cleaned & Painted
Kick Start Lever Cleaned & Painted & New Rubber Pad Installed
Shift Lever Cleaned & Painted & New Rubber Pad Installed

Rear Brake Lever Assembly Cleaned & Painted
Footpeg/Bracket/Kickstand Assembly Replaced w/Used OEM & Cleaned & Painted
Exhaust Cleaned & Painted
Right Rear Shock Replaced w/Used OEM & Both Sides Checked & Cleaned
Electrical Wiring Harness & Components All Removed & Checked & Cleaned

Front Axle & Spacers Replaced w/Used OEM & Checked & Cleaned
Air Filter Box Cleaned & Filter Element Replaced
Oil Drained & Replaced with Castrol GTX 10W-30 & Drain Screw Replaced
Motor/Transmission Cleaned w/Degreaser
Replaced All Carburetor & Fuel Tubing & Clamps


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Very nice job, it looks great. My 99 is bone stock and you make me think they look better with a little bit of modifications. Wheels look so right in black.
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