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hi, this sint my bike, but its my buddies. it is a 1996 kx126 with a bunch of work done to it, it is superclean for its year, and he just got a new bike, and now he wants a pitbike.

everything on thie bikes engine was just redone,

wiseco piston/rings

pro taper handle bars

one industries graphic/seat cover kit

all hinson racing clutch components(clutch basket and cushion kit)

ebc dirt bigger clutch plates and springs

fresh rear and front tire

fresh coolant, all fluids are fresh

fmf fatty pipe(has dents)

fmf shorty silencer

factory connection reavalve and resprung for 160 lb rider

it has some other things here and there, im not sure. i dont have the clearest pic of it, but this is a pic of my buddy when he was learning to ride, he looks like such a poser in it sitting way back with both feet down and no boots, lol, anyways, heres the pic

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