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Hey, all!
I just swapped a lifan 125cc into my 1994 CT70. I'm trying to find out what each wire from the motor does, and how to match them to the harness on the bike. The schematics I've found online only tell me how to wire up the old 6v CT70s with the lifan's 12v CDI system. I have no problem splicing and reconnecting wires. Do I just need to match the colors? Where do I start here? I don't want to swap the old stator & flywheel into the new motor.

I have 6 wires coming from the motor shown here

We have:
Light green/ red stripe
Blue / white stripe
Black/ red stripe

I have 5 wires from the bike harness shown (badly) here:

We have:
Blue/white stripe
Light green/ red stripe
Black/ red stripe

Do I just match and splice? What about the 6th wire from the motor?

I've attached a picture of the bike as it sits without its exhaust & intake 😋

This bike was given to me under the, "if you can fix it, you can have it" pretense. The original owner passed, and the bike made its way to me without keys or papers. To initially get it going, I chopped the ignition and installed a toggle; however, I purchased a OEM barrel ignition I'd like to splice in. Guidance there would be awesome, but I think I'll be able to hash that out on my own. Thanks everyone!
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