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Got any :dot: .pics..? How many miles?

I have some crappy cell phone pics. This thing has been abused, somebody tried to use it as a dirt bike! i have no idea on the mileage , no gauges, lights, blinkers.
I don't think I can do a full restore on it, just to much stuff missing. I have always wanted one, and I got it cheap(you can see why).It actually runs decent. But you have to start somewhere.
Tmas your collection of ZB's is insane! Maybe one day I can have one half as nice as any of yours. So i'll start searching for parts. If anyone has any good sources besides eBay, I'm all ears.
First thing a need is an original gas cap.(Anybody?) anyhoo, heres some pics. these will be my BEFORE pics..don't laugh!

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