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1985 ATC conversion to electric

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Hi everyone,

I have an 1985 ATC70 that I was thinking of converting to electric for ease of use, before i even start with the project I was wondering if anyone has done it before and what Motor / Controller specs have you used.
I would like it to be at least as fast as my other ATC70 108 stroked which really ripps

I have seen on internet several ATV conversions but for larger and heavier machines and I am really confused on what type of power (watts/amps) the small ATC70 needs to get it going.

Any infor is more than welcome
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Cool project 馃挕 idea. In the back of my mind I would like to one day convert an ATC 70 into and electric powered drift trike wearing PVC sleeved go cart tires. Then I could drift all over my neighborhood nearly silent without upsetting any neighbors.馃槣馃榿

Best part would be doing it in style on an ATC 70 instead of riding what looks like an adult tricycle. One challenge would be where to mount the foot pegs when not running a gasoline engine.

Colin Fruze built an electric trike with a 20,000 watt motor and when running just half the current capacity hit over 50 mph.馃槼馃檲

Here is some inspiration for your project and a list of parts he used....

Build video....

Tx for the reply, I was looking at something more "realistic" meaning that I don't need a nuclear powerplant in the ATC but something as nippy and powerfull as my stroked 108 or a tat more is enough so I am not sure what watts/AMPS I should be looking at, hence my question ...
although the one you shred definitely looks like fun :):)馃榾
Tx all yeah I was thinking something along the lines of 3000watts middrive motor
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