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Hi everyone,

To start with I want to present myself, I am Eddy the happy owner of a 1985 ATC, I bought it from Japan in a very good condition, I installed on it a 108 stroker kit from TB parts and I love it !
I installed as well a piranha exhaust and this thing rips,

Now my issue is the following, I have problems with the carb, it's a Chinese 24mm that comes with the stroker kit, if I go full gas it bogs down, I tried every type of setting and I found the optimal setting with a 95 main jet and the main needle one notch higher (richer) than stock.
I tried installing a genuine Mikuni vm24 and I have the same issue

If I accelerate progressively no issue at all, if I go full gaz from idle it still bogs down, the rest is fine idle is great and going full gaz if I'm rolling and the engine is revving no issue there.

I noticed that with the choke on the engine revs up immediately from idle with no issue, but as soon as I close the choke well back to what I mentioned above.

I am not a newbie when it comes to tuning carbs but honestly this one kind of bugs me, I can use it as is no issue but I would like so much to have a clear cut acceleration from idle

Any idea ? suggestions ?
Thank you for reading me
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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