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1981 Honda Z50R restore

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Just got a 1981 Honda Z50R on trade recently. Planning on restoring it as best i can. I'm still trying to find a good source for parts for the smaller bikes. I've bought a lot of the missing parts from eBay.

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Motorcycle

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motorcycle Alloy wheel

Known Issues: The splines on the shifter shaft are wrecked, the fork stops are broken or cut off so the tank is deeply dented from the handlebars, the throttle a thumb throttle off an ATV, and a bunch of parts missing.

Things i know i'm missing:
Left engine cover ORDERED
front and left number plates
front fender ORDERED
chain guard
Original throttle
Switch housing
shifter lever
kickstart lever
coil and wiring

Looking forward to the project though!


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