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Hello everyone,
I have an xl75. Recently had the cylinder cleaned up and now have a cylinder that is bored to 48.5mm (I believe stock is 47mm, found out cylinder had been bored over previously). I looked for a replacement piston and came across an xr80 piston of the correct diameter and would cover years beginning in 1979 and onward. Seemed close enough to work for my bike. I got the piston and I find it is several millimeters taller than my old piston. I was thinking I could use a base gasket shim, but this seems like too great of an increase and at the very least I would guess my timing chain doesn't fit (among other issues it might cause). Anyway, does anyone know of a piston that might fit in my new bore? Or do I have many options here?
Sorry if this similar situation has been discussed at length previously. I searched a little didn't find what I was looking for. Thanks for anyone who is willing to help.
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