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1977 XR75 left cover and ignition switch questions

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Despite lurking on this website for a long time as a non-member, this is my first post.

I've recently purchased a 1977 XR75 in fair condition. I've broken the bike all the way down and have started the process of cleaning, organizing and historical fact gathering. My goal is to restore this bike back to a really nice factory condition (not museum quality). I will try to use NOS parts within reason. I'm not sure I can spend $500 on a NOS exhaust if you know what I mean. I hate for my first few posts to be dumb questions but here it goes...
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Is the left side cover on the K4 suppose to be painted cloud silver with the exception of the circular Honda logo part being polished or 100% painted?
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I took off what appears to be an OEM ignition switch from the right handle bar. However, the shop manual has a 1977/K4 addendum (pg.66) that says the ignition was relocated to the left side. I scoured members pictures and believe to have seen it both ways. Can anyone confirm that it in fact goes on the left side or are there any details I'm missing. I figure its possible the shop manual may not represent every bike that left the factory floor. Just curious...
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If you have any other fun facts about the 77' I welcome them. Thanks in advance.
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Just the covers or the crankcase too? The bike I'm restoring had old paint I soda blasted off the covers but the crankcase and head appeared to be bare.
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