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I was just given a 1977 xr75 to get running in exchange for being given a 1971 Kawasaki Mach III. Unfortunately they had both sat in a shed in New England since 1980- the Triple is rusted and needs to be pulled apart entirely but the little Honda, other than some surface rust, is in decent shape and kicks over with spark and everything! I need to rebuild the carb and put new tires on it which I am doing and was hoping that there was a repair/.owners manual on line for free like there are for so many other bikes-but I can't find one anywhere so am looking to this group for help/advice...

1) What are the basic carb screw settings, and any advice adjusting it?

2) I see references to an oil screen? Where is this and how do I get it out to clean it?

3) What's the oil capacity and what oil is recommended?

4) Are the little gaskets for the petcocks available anywhere, the one with a hole for reserve?

The gas tank was remarkably rust free so I am really hopeful that with some fresh gas and a clean carb it will fire right up and go...of course I've been around old bikes enough not to count my chickens!

Any help or advice you can lend would be great...brakes are ok, new throttle cable ready to go,,,unbend a few things and hoping it's ready to rock and roll.

Thanks for any help!


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Here's a manual

1) air fuel screw 1-1/2 turn out, needle middle position. (common starting point) I would recommend leaving the original setting and clean the carb
I've had to replace the carburetors on several xr75-80-100. The needle and seat wear out and the seat is non replaceable.

2) oil screen is located under the clutch cover
you'll have to remove the kickstarter, foot peg assembly and rear brake lever to get the cover off

3) fill until oil is the center of the register on the dipstick

4) gaskets are available on ebay or special order from the dealer
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