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My son found this bike, could someone explain the ignition system to me. 3 wires coming from stator, 1 black to ignition coil 2 white just cut off.
1. No spark, only getting 5 volts AC from the black wire that feeds ignition coil while spinning engine with a drill at 1500rpm. On DC it shows - 0.4.
2. The other 2 white wires I assume are for the charging coil, do they have any impact on ignition?
3. next to the flywheel is a little brass spring loaded wire connector, what is its purpose?

Looks like previous owner soldered in a new condenser but no idea if it is any good . Am i right in thinking the stator coil supplys AC voltage through the condenser and points then to ignition coil.
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Thanks for any help

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Click HERE for the schematic for the '77-'79 XL75 for you, I'd have to say that a previous owner has had their hands on the stator plate wiring. The schematic tells you what color wires come from the stator.
The spring/wire connector is for the neutral indicator light
BTW, you are spinning the flywheel counterclockwise with the drill, correct?
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