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I have a 1975 Z50 engine that needs a good home. I got it from a guy who's son whiskey throttled the bike into a brick landscape wall and folded up the front end. He pulled the bike apart and it sat for some years. I got it hoping to find a suitable roller for it. Well, my search for a roller is over and time to get rid of this. Engine is complete with kicker, shifter, carb, unbroken ignition cover. It feels like it has good compression, it shifts through all gears and even has the footpeg assy. still on it. Should be a runner or build it as you see fit. The only visual issue is the shift shaft has a tweak in it but it doesn't leak at the seal and shifts fine. All motor mount holes are excellent. Solid engine.

I only want $125 plus freight for it. If I can't sell it complete, I will break it down and sell the parts off of it....thanks for looking.[

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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