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I installed it yesterday to test it. I will have to fabricate a bracket for it, I cannot reuse the current one. Seems easy to do.
Also there`s no stop for the center kickstand, I`m gonna have to come up with something, the muffler sticks further out too.
And the kickstarter doesn`t clear, in the excitement to hear it, I kickstarted the bike without checking for clearance and scratched the muffler damnit... I found a high clearance kickstarter lever at Tbolt, part number TRC1990. I looked into the CB100/125 and the like family but the oil seal ID for the kick start spindle is 16mm, the SS50 is 14mm, so it wasn`t match and I quickly stopped looking for something else.

It`s much quieter though now!



Dumb ass....

Got distracted by the cute doggies, that`s why!

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Catching up with the work I`ve done last week.

Taking apart the current 2 disc clutch. Notice how the retaining clip has spun. It wasn`t in this position when I installed it.

Did you say slippage?

The 3 disc clutch stack on the right is a hair higher, that`s a good thing!


I just used a 1/2" drive to stick it in the clutch hub just bc it fit.
It would be nice to properly balance the whole assembly, same with the flywheel...

I usually use the hydraulic press from the shop
to do this kind of things, but being at home, I only had a C-clamp borrowed from my landlord. Works as good...


Et voila!

In the meantime I ordered a new 67 tooth NOS Honda primary gear, the one I had had too much play and coming dangerously close to the shifter drum M6 bolt head. Waiting on that to close it.

I also started to make a muffler bracket in my free time.

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More boring updates:

Bracket bending under the hydraulic press with a hammer, for the exhaust.


I had to finish it on the spot on the exhaust, it wasn`t a 90 degree angle. It prolly won`t last forever with the vibrations, I'm sure it will crack but I will have a template for the next one.
Copper M8 hardware and steel M6 allen head bolts.


I got my new NOS Honda primary gear with 67 teeth, part number 23110098740. I chose the model with the rivets secured in the back, it looked better than the other model the other way around. There must have been some QC issues to make them go through that change or it was cheaper... Anyway, same stuff as I had but with the shoulder built in. All the ones I have seen had the shoulder built in. Another odd part my bike had...



December 31st, end of the day, I`m going for a test ride before the end of year, live or die!!

High clearance kick starter lever in place. The bike is more quiet now, what a pleasure!
The brake pedal is an issue as well as the center kickstand , I ordered a used a Honda S90 from 1965 and on brake pedal, it seems like a better match on pictures, at least for the bend. The ones before 1965 look a bit less bent.
Some Dax have a good looking pedal too but I couldn't find a good reliable source for a consistent year for these pedals, it`s all a matter of luck on pictures I found. Since there are none in the US and I didn`t want to wait months to get one just to try, I went with the S90 pedal, used, from eBay again.

I ordered a custom made rear sprocket for the CT90 hub I have. It looks like virtually nobody on Earth sells different different tooth count sprockets for these bikes, unreal.
Rebel Gears gave me a fast quote from the dimensions I gave them, turn around was quick too, aluminum, made in USA. I think with shipping it was less than 70 bucks. Pretty good.
I now have 15x38 on a 420 chain. It feels really good around the neighborhood, goes up steep inclines with enough power, good acceleration, I am too scared to push it past 45Mph yet, shitty front brakes and I don`t trust the bike either.

38T vs stock 45T CT90 rear sprocket

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Congrats with your test drive.
(and surviving ;) )
Thank you!

I drive the bike about 1 to 2 miles at a time in the neighborhood, some good inclines and currves, I can open up the throttle nicely. I gotta check out the carb and spark plug again. It`s feeling good, next will be working on the front fork and big hub with dual cam brakes but I think I`ll get to that in fall, I have other projects to finish and sell and hoping to overland a few months with my Syncro van :)
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