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Offered up for sale are a pair of Rupp Roadster 2 minis. A little about each one:
First up is the 1971. This is a very low mile, non-restored example. It is in the very rare one year only green color and it really pops! Absolutely beautiful! A few nicks here and there but overall, it is near immaculate. Collector quality. This bike sports it’s original HS40 engine, TC-1 torque converter, and from what I can tell all the original parts. Still rides on original Rupp tires. A very rare find.
Next up is the 1975. This is probably one of the rarer Rupp minibikes that you will find as it is a last year model This one is also a very low mile original. Beautiful magenta color. There is a possibility at some point this had a re-paint as the decals on the fenders are not present. Maybe the decals yellowed and were removed. I do have a pair of decals that go with it. Again…this has all original components including the HS40 engine and TC-1 torque converter. It does sport a pair of Cheng Shin trials pattern tires, so those must have been swapped in at some point. This one is damn near showroom condition could be the center point of any mini collection.
I am asking $2,750 obo ea for these incredible examples. More than happy to split up set, but will give you a better deal if you purchase both. Located in Santa Cruz, Ca. Any questions or for contact, please message me and I will get back to you as soon as possible! More than happy to ship!
[email protected]
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