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Thinking about selling my motor, let me know if you are seriously interested... Im not going to give it away so shoot me an offer if you are for real. I have a ton of money dumped into this setup and there is about 1 hour on it since completed. Firepower did the machine work and suggested the parts to buy, this motor is solid and absolutely hauls ass.

contact - [email protected]

Price - ??? No idea what this things worth so send me an offer, worst that will happen is I will say no. If I can get anywhere close to the magic number in my head it will sell. If not I will keep it.

* 65.5mm cylinder/Akunar piston (not s-cut)

* v2 head w/s35 cam

* Tak. 6 disc clutch with billet Cable clutch kit Tak. 1d3up 4spd drum

* bbr output shaft and dress up kit

* chp 2nd gearr & quickshift

* 55mm crank

* lightened flywheel

* bored case and tapped peg mounts to a bigger thread

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