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124cc motor

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-One off trail bikes 124 custom motor with trail bikes clutch and vm 26mm carb

-54mm stroker crank

-54mm bore

-bigger valves

-navel bronze valve guides

-extensive porting, flow bench tested, dyno approved!!

-Kibble & white custom valves

-special DID timing chain

(Quote from Derek Rose)

This motor freakin rips, it is as strong as my fully built 124 se motor, that cost over 2G just for the kit.. The motor will come with a detailed spreadsheat of all the part #'s and vedors for replacements. The motor was freashly rebuilt before vegas and has less than 3 hrs of ride time since.

Like Derek said you will not find an other motor like this one, It rips. My son has done very well with this motor against all them mid size bigger motors. Last year he won the Texas Pit Bike National in his class, Won Red Bud pit bike National, 6th place in CT. in the pro class out of 28 pro riders, won all the local pit bike races in his class, made Vegas show(10th), and the list goes on and on, not to bad for a 124cc running againt all those big bore/stroker mid size motors.

It will come with a spread sheet stating where you can buy all the special parts for this motor.

I do have a custom built pipe for the 124cc motor too, if you would like it to just let me know and I'll forward price.



Make offer---------$
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