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12" front wheel

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I have extended fork tubes and a rear shock, has anyone put a 12" front wheel on with the same mods? I am not sure if it's gonna sit level.
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I've been asking the same thing for a week now...

I"m running +1's, shock, but stock swingarm & frame. Not sure if it would raise the front TOO much or not. I've know a guy running one on his sb5's, swing, shock & frame and he says it makes the bike SO MUCH MORE STABLE.

This may help some:
I think you would need atleast a +1 swingarm, or a +2

Heres one of Five-O's 50s, with stiffer springs, +1 chromo legs, works shock, 12" front wheel, and a +2 swingarm

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Thanks alot.

I love that bike, Seen it a few times on different sites. I just cant justify the $7-8 hundies needed for frame, swing, & front wheel.
Yea, I like that bike too.

You could just run the stock frame, just get a 12" wheel and +2 swingarm. Thats like $300-400.
a 1' front wheel will make the front ONE inch TALLER than it is with the 10" wheel.
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