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12" front rim, spokes, and tire

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Hey gang, I've got a 12" rim, spokes and tire for sale. They are all BRAND NEW. The rim is black. I purchased these from Holeshot Motorsports a couple of months ago and never got around to installing it on my bike.

$140 shipped


[email protected]
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Spokes new too?

100$ shipped and consider it sold.
Sorry man, I won't take a loss like that. EVERYTHING is new...

Sold. Ill take em. Email me at [email protected]
You've got mail Jester.

now thats gone.....i have a WRP 12" rim and HD spoke kit for $125.00 (black, BRAND NEW)

first 125.00 and agree to split shipping takes this beauty.

PM me with your offer for rim and spoke kit

if ya need a tire i got a starcross

all brand new

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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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